What can Brown do for You?

Most people in the business world have heard the expression “What can brown do for you?”. It is a famous tag line for an equally well known delivery service. The trucks for the company are all the same color brown, and it is known well enough for the color of its vehicles that the tag line for the commercials was immediately identifiable with the service.

That, in and of itself, is the essence of marketing with custom vehicle graphics.

As you well know, a strong logo is the first piece of any marketing puzzle. A powerful, easily identifiable brand will go a long way towards establishing a company. This should be the first step when starting your business. The next step is to get your logo in front of people. Depending on what type of business you start, marketing your brand can take many forms. Everything from websites, to brochures and t-shirts are great ways to get yourself noticed. However, nothing beats custom vehicle graphics.

You own the billboard already, why not advertise on it? Your vehicle is seen every single day by thousands of people. The more you travel, the more it is seen. By putting your logo and company information on your vehicle you are putting your brand in front of a huge audience and it is guaranteed to connect with someone that not only needs your service, but very likely would not have known about you without seeing the vehicle graphics.

Lets take it a step further. Vehicle graphics are becoming more and more commonplace. Many companies have taken their logos and put them on the doors hoping to get their name out. So your vehicle needs to stand out above and beyond the crowd. That is where custom vehicle wraps come in. With a custom vehicle wrap you can, quite simply, take vehicle marketing to a whole new level. There is nothing on the road that will turn the head like a colorful, exciting vehicle wrap. You will be using every inch of your vehicle to advertise your business in a visually compelling medium. The limit is the imagination when coming up with custom vehicle wraps. By working closely with an experienced designer you are certain to create a unique advertisement that you will be proud of.

The end result, in any marketing, is to get your name known. Take a lesson from ‘brown’ and let your vehicles do the work for you.


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