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We are always trying to stay one step ahead of the web design trends that are popular on the web today. Technology changes so fast that sites that were considered ‘state-of-the-art’ only three years ago are not only looking old, but may not even work properly anymore (anyone remember Flash?)

With that in mind, here are some trends we have noticed in 2014 that are certain to continue into 2015. Like all trends, they will at some point be replaced by something newer and shinier, but the good news is today’s websites are much easier to manipulate and update than those of old and keeping up with new trends is not necessarily a ‘rebuild-the-whole-damned-thing’ proposition anymore.

1 – Responsive Design is NECESSARY

Responsive design for websites has been on the rise for a couple of years now, however at this point it is absolutely necessary to go responsive. With over 60% of local searches being performed on mobile devices (with that number growing daily) you cannot ignore your mobile presence. Those that still cling to the old mobile redirects for their sites are missing out on a wealth of functionality and design without responsive. What do you think is better – a simple website with only a handful of options for mobile, or your complete site redressed for the screen it is being displayed on? There really is not a choice.

2 – Scrolling is Replacing Clicking

You probably have Facebook to thank for this, at least that is my guess. Not that it is a bad thing. Social media and mobile devices have forever changed how one surfs a website. Navigation menus are clunky and time consuming. Why click when you can scroll naturally down the page for all the information you want. You are already used to it thanks to Facebook and Twitter, so why not your website?





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