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What is new in Web Design

We are always trying to stay one step ahead of the web design trends that are popular on the web today. Technology changes so fast that sites that were considered ‘state-of-the-art’ only three years ago are not only looking old, but may not even work properly anymore (anyone remember Flash?) With that in mind, here are some trends we have noticed in 2014 that are certain to continue into 2015. Like all trends, they will at some point be replaced by something newer and shinier, but the good news is today’s websites are much easier to manipulate and update than…


Divirsify in Business

‘Do one thing, and do it well’ I remember my Dad  telling me that when I was young and considering career options. The mantra back in the day was to focus on one element and do everything you can to be the best. It’s a great idea, but these days a little out-dated. Businesses these days need to diversify to keep business coming in and not fall behind the competition. Just about every successful Plumber I know has gotten into the heating and air business as well. Now the HVAC guys are returning suit. Frankly said, it is just what…


What can Brown do for You?

Most people in the business world have heard the expression “What can brown do for you?”. It is a famous tag line for an equally well known delivery service. The trucks for the company are all the same color brown, and it is known well enough for the color of its vehicles that the tag line for the commercials was immediately identifiable with the service. That, in and of itself, is the essence of marketing with custom vehicle graphics. As you well know, a strong logo is the first piece of any marketing puzzle. A powerful, easily identifiable brand will…

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